Christ is able to reveal Himself!

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Many times we try and convince people about doctrine and the life of Christ. We need to re-think this strategy!

Instead of trying to convince people of the reality of Jesus I suggest we follow Phllip’s advice to Nathaneal. Nathaneal was sceptical with the first words he heard Phillip say about Jesus Christ. Instead of arguing with him Philip simply challenged Nathaneal to approach Christ for himself!

John 1:46 “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Phillip.” NIV

Once people explore Christ for themselves they soon discover that Jesus Christ is able to reveal himself!!

Is our convidence in our ability to reveal Christ or in His ability to reveal Himself? We should change our paradigm from trying to convince people and instead simply invite them to behold Christ for themselves. Jesus have a proven track record of revealing himself.

What would the consequence have been if Phillip tried to convince Nathanael? But look at the consequence when Phillip, relied on Christ to reveal Himself and simply challenged Nathanael to “come and see” for himself? Three verses later we see the result.

John 1:49 “Then Nathanael declared, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God; you are the King of Israel.”

The challenge is simple. Are you willing to challenge people to look to Christ and discover Him for themselves? Are you trusting that Jesus Christ is able, when they look to reveal himself? This paradigm shift will greatly impact the way we conduct our individual and corporate gatherings and meetings.

Questions to ponder? If you make this paradigms shift, how will it practically, on a daily basis, change your interaction (behavior) with people?

Your belief determine your behavior. Your behavior in these settings also reveal your belief! What does your curent behavior reveal about your current belief? Does your behavior reflect the fact that you belief Christ is able to reveal himself? If not, what need to change?

Trust Jesus Christ today to reveal himself to others and see the consequences as He work in His people and changes them from Glory to Glory by His Spirit!

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Francois Mostert is the founder of Taste Life Consultancy that focuses on Training Applications for Successful Transformational Experiences and is a Leader in Inner-healing Facilitation Excellence.
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2 Responses to Christ is able to reveal Himself!

  1. timon says:

    Christ is able to reveal, Himself! I like it, i took some time reading your devotionals, I think I will print them all! We to often try and preach our clever revelations, so complicated. I agree with you, make them hungry and thirsty for Christ, then introduce them to Him, where they will never hunger and thirst again.


  2. Lientjie van Rensburg says:

    keep goiing!

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